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On a case-by-case basis, for organizations interested in health and wellness, Dr. Amitha Kalaichandran is able to consult on: writing for the lay-media, evidence-based medicine, optimizing well-being in the workplace, wellness and longevity 'tech' (digital health) and integrative medicine/integrative pediatrics. Note that she does not consult on individual medical cases, for pharmaceutical companies, or for any health tech companies involved in value-based care or electronic medical record products or services.

For consulting requests, email Ava at: and place "Consulting" in the subject line.


Speaking (including panel participation)

For conferences, private workshops, and retreats, Dr. Amitha Kalaichandran is able to speak about: health/medical journalism, writing for the lay-media, optimizing general well-being, igniting curiosity (in life and work), leading organizations with a focus on creating healthy and well workplaces, and lastly her research on complementary health approaches in children. Based on demand, she can also build a talk around a popular article authored in the lay-press. Most talks range from 20 min to 45 min in length, and are flexible in format.  Note that she is unable to speak or lecture for pharmaceutical companies.


For speaking requests, email Ava at: and place "Speaking Request" or "Panel Participation," in the subject line.

NOTE: for Academic talks/collaborations only, please email:



Amitha does not accept public relations pitches, and as of 2021 does not write about health tech/innovation due to potential conflicts of interest and potential journalistic bias as it relates to her current position. 

For several years, Amitha served as a mentor-editor with the Op-Ed Project, which aims to bring historically marginalized voices (women, visible minorities, differently abled) to the forefront in the national and international conversation about the most crucial issues of our time. This effort provides 1:1 writing assistance and free resources. She also invites  you to check the "Resources" page on this website and newsletter for additional tips on writing and productivity.

Amitha does guest lecture for writing conferences and writing/media programs. To request this, email Ava at: with "Guest Lecture" in the subject line.


Ava Lee

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